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How to teach your child the Alphabet

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Alphabet with animals

Here are some tips on where and how to start teaching your child the alphabet.

• Sing! For very young babies – sing the abc song! They’ll love listening to your voice and start to become familiar with the names of letters.

• Reciting the alphabet. As they grow older, children may be able to recite or sing the alphabet themselves, this is a proud parent moment, but unfortunately doesn’t mean they’ve grasped the alphabet – just yet - learning to recognize each letter is a hard skill to grasp and takes time and lots of practice.

• Alphabet books. When you feel your baby is ready, introduce them to an alphabet book. Alphabet books are fun to read aloud and are also a great way to help young children learn the names and shapes of letters, and to introduce them to the concept of alphabetical order.

• Look for the familiar. When first beginning, you don’t have to use a book in alphabetical order. Look for a letter your child knows (such as the letter that starts their name) and see if they can say or sound that letter. Then, show them how to trace over it with a finger. Point out other pictures in the book that begin with the same letter. Eventually your child will be able to suggest some of their own.