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Why Buy From Clever Fox Books

  • Clever Fox Books  offers a fantastic range of school reading books for all ages.

  • There are many benefits in ordering for your school via Clever Fox Books.

  • We give all wholesale customer a 30 day credit.

  • Free Delivery for all Ireland schools order over €35.

  • You can choice any books from our on-line store.

       Catalogue or order form download below.

  • We give you personal customer service so you are not waiting around.

  • All ORDERS Dispatched within 24 hours.

  • Some Dual language books Pre-order up to 10 days.

  • All you have to do download order form below add your quantity in order form, email us your purchase order. We will take care of your order as a matter of priority.

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Order Forms

Dual Language Catalogue

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